Music is the most sublime of all arts, for it touches every soul.
Joseph Haydn

In the 1920s, when sound film was introduced in Germany, a means of playback became known which filled entire odeon theaters and dance halls with music. The company “Klangfilm” became the epitome of this. Our stereophony grounds on the knowledge of these historical technologies. From disk drives via tube amplifiers to sound transducers - harmonized to form a complete system, or individually deployable by means of their unique components. While experts have long acknowledged this technology as the one and only way to achieve the most natural type of playback, we dare to compare it with the most sophisticated art of violin making 300 years ago, which to this day is considered second to none without any doubt. Our traditional musical culture has been designed by leading German engineers, who are able to adapt it to a contemporary standard with innovative approaches.It is our mutual goal to preserve this tradition while never ceasing to replenish it with new life.

The Zugspitz components are manufactured in very small series, which are a product of a large number of handcraft working steps no machine could ever be capable of. This results in crystal clear playback, rich in nuances and with an incredible dynamic range. Close your eyes and enjoy the emotions when you are able to tell exactly in which spot the musicians are standing as the instruments join the ensemble on stage. Embark on a distinct, high-definition audio experience down to the finest details, from gentle string sonatas up to roaring heavy metal sounds. Clear design and simple elegance emphasize this perfect harmony.

Masterpieces of audiophile stereophony which truly merit the attribute “Sound in Perfection”.