Grace is a term from philosophic aesthetics and an expression of harmony. Our GRACE SOLOIST is more charismatic as any other speaker concept, while producing a powerful and impressive listening experience. The audio signal is directly coupled with the wideband driver. Its 30 cm membrane, equipped with refurbished crystals and treated with special types of violin varnishes, makes for a fascinating musical reproduction with a wide range of tone color and a great degree of brilliance. To yield these results, a dipole tweeter is gently coupled to the transducer via a handmade bee wax capacitor. In the low frequency range, an actively driven 46 cm bass chassis does its job, solidifying the gracious sonic purity of this unique speaker concept.

Datasheet:30 cm wideband driver
Dipole tweeter
Efficiency: 103 dB / 1 W / 1m
46 cm dipole bass / active
Efficiency: not applicable, as bass is driven activelyImpedance: 8 ohm

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Can be delivered with selected real wood face veneers, linoleum coating and slates.