Bliss is an uncompromising implementation of our open baffle concept. The soul, a 30 cm wideband AlNiCo wideband driver, enthralls and captivates the listener.  The powerful drive, the explosive reproduction as well as the exceptional design enliven every room and treat the listener to touching and compelling emotions. In combination with our dipole tweeter, a breathtaking sonic variety at the highest level fills the room. A 46 cm bass driver has been designed for the low frequency range, setting new standards.
An unparalleled striving for sonic perfection! 

30 cm wideband AlNiCo driver
Dipole tweeter
Efficiency: 103 dB / 1 W / 1m
46 cm dipole bass / active / neodymium magnet / 27 mm linear hub
Efficiency: not applicable, as bass is driven actively
Impedance: 16 ohm

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Can be delivered with selected real wood face veneers, linoleum coating and slates.