The heart of all our speaker concepts is a crossoverless wideband driver whose membrane is treated extensively with special oils and various violin varnishes to yield extraordinary capabilities. This results in high-efficiency loudspeakers with a significant increase in sonic quality. Two different systems are used for this:

Horn resonator – Passive system

Our passive transducers are equipped with a horn resonator that emits sound pointing at the floor. Therefore, when tuning and adjusting the speaker, the high degree of efficiency is also preserved in the low frequency range, enabling the bass frequencies to adapt to the room in a natural way and to strike a balance with the mid and high frequencies.
The result: A dynamic and natural projection of sound with a fundamental bass reproduction.

Open baffle – Semi-active system

Wideband drivers are mounted on an open baffle without the use of any enclosures. This eliminates any cavity resonance and there is nothing to inhibit fast tuning and adjusting of the speaker. In this configuration the low frequency range is actively powered.The result: Perfectly natural playback with high intensity and limitless dynamics.